My projects

La Roc-Cade
La Roc-Cade

Self-Taught the Generation X blog
Self-Taught the X Generation blog

Project 1. Scrimba class of 2020.
Scrimba Class of 2020

Star Wars Aurebesh Calendar
Star Wars Aurebesh Calendar

Free Code Camp

Projects I created to earn the Web Design Developer Certification

Project 1. Picture of Saint Faustina with a background image of Jesus with the inscription Jesus I Trust in you.
Tribute Page

Project 2. Grateful Produce Box dot com. Grocery Delivery Service
Fresh fruits and vegetables delivered straight to your door.
Product Landing Page

Project 3. A documentation page containing information on CSS Functions
Technical Documentation Page

A survey form for a visit to a fictional hotel
Survey Form


Projects to earn Scrimb'a Front End Developer Certification

Project 1. Build a Pac Man Board.
Scrimba - Build a Pac Man Board